Square Envelope Liners – Vertical Stripe in Black and White

Dress up your envelopes with this classic black and white envelope liners. The liners are available in 0.25" and 0.5" stripe pattern. 

Dimensions and Details
- text weight paper, silk finish
- trim to fit inside envelope
- made to order 

- glue strip not included 

Sizes: A2, A7

1. Apply a strip of double sided tape under the sealer on the top edge of the flap of your envelope. Alternatively you can apply a few dots of glue. 

2. Very carefully slide the liner inside the envelope and adjust it so that it sits right below the envelope sealer and evenly inside of the flap.
3. After aligning, press the edges of the liner down firmly so it sticks to the envelope. 
4. Fold the envelope flap down and press to crease the liner

Note: We recommend that you order a few extra envelope liners to account for keepsakes and lost mail.


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